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the sweetest misery that's taking me ( mordecai )

vault hunters should never do holidays.

[ She's starting to think they're cursed.

That has to be it, right? They're cursed. Doomed. Fucked in more ways than a skag wandering into a nest of varkids. There is just... no other way to explain why each time they even try to do something nice - relax for a minute or two - it blows up in their faces. Every god damn time.

This? Just one more botched attempt at a holiday, at some rest and relaxation, at something that didn't involve bandits or psychos or skag vomit coating her shoes. Only there is no skag vomit on her shoes this time but blood, lots and lots of blood, way too much for it to be healthy. Problem is they ran out of hypos about thirty minutes ago, just before Lilith grabbed hold of Mordecai and phased them away from the group of blood thirsty mercenaries trying to kill them. Not the usual sort of mercenaries either, better equipped than the last ones and appeared in greater numbers. Thus the last second decision to bail before one, or both of them, were gunned down by way too many trigger happy assholes. Not the wisest idea but hey at least she didn't phase them both directly into a wall, or a bandit stronghold, or a pack of threshers.

No, they get a cave - or what was left of some dead guy's hide out before he was likely eaten by the wildlife. That or the locals. But it's cozy? That's sure to get her some points... right? ]

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