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& open gen post iii.

↠ lyrics, images, prompts, take your pick

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[ He sees - so often too much. He sees there, and he sees here. Then and now. He never found the revelling in it that Granny Rags had had, where she turned smiling into the embrace. He had not asked for such, but it had crept up on him regardless. He did not feel her open joy, maybe if he did not fight so hard, it would not be as it is now.

There's a lot to say as he looks at Jasper-that-was ( a boy with eyes nothing like his ), stand by Jasper-that-is, whilst Jasper-that-will-be ( a boy with eyes too much like his ) dances between them somewhere. He frowns at him, then deeper, jerking his head as if to tell the ghosts of past and future that they weren't welcome in the present. Swallows to find the wet in his mouth for the words.

She is always welcome. She grew quickly, did she?

[ Another moment, to shake his head. Why was he asking such simple questions, thinks Jasper already knew. ] I do not cook, you do very often. I tried to... keep it clear for you.

[ Because it is small, but it is sparse. He keeps it clean. Everything is put in place. Everything is tucked away exactly where Jasper had left it. Not touched for days, except once a month, they would be washed. Corvo ate when he needed to now, when the ghosts that hung about reminded him. Poked and prodded him into place. All soft tugs on his forelock when he had to drink to heal his wounds was Terra's kind words in his ear, less soft tugs when Tess told him his face was getting thin again. She insisted always that he was wasting good food, acting like he did. She was best on those days, she never gave him much mercy. Not even in memory. ]
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[ He stops his circling by the small sink, planting his feet far enough away from his bunkmate so that he can examine him from a safe distance. The darting and twitching continues, as do the eerily knowing comments, when he opens his mouth between nervous movements. ]

Yeah, she... she did.

[ A narrower glance back down at the polished kitchen sink, at everything so neatly in it's place. It's almost as if he had organized the small space himself. He places his good hand, the one with the ring, on the spotless counter top, and looks back up at Corvo. When he speaks again it's more guarded, his shoulders straight and tense. ]

I do cook often, but not here. Back home yeah, for my husband. They put that in my file or somethin'?

[ He hasn't looked at his own yet. Either they're more needlessly detailed than he originally thought, or something else is going on. And Jasper is slow on the uptake as ever, that much hasn't changed. ]

Or are you some kinda seer?