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& open gen post iii.

↠ lyrics, images, prompts, take your pick

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[ He stops his circling by the small sink, planting his feet far enough away from his bunkmate so that he can examine him from a safe distance. The darting and twitching continues, as do the eerily knowing comments, when he opens his mouth between nervous movements. ]

Yeah, she... she did.

[ A narrower glance back down at the polished kitchen sink, at everything so neatly in it's place. It's almost as if he had organized the small space himself. He places his good hand, the one with the ring, on the spotless counter top, and looks back up at Corvo. When he speaks again it's more guarded, his shoulders straight and tense. ]

I do cook often, but not here. Back home yeah, for my husband. They put that in my file or somethin'?

[ He hasn't looked at his own yet. Either they're more needlessly detailed than he originally thought, or something else is going on. And Jasper is slow on the uptake as ever, that much hasn't changed. ]

Or are you some kinda seer?