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& open gen post iii.

↠ lyrics, images, prompts, take your pick

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He leans into it easy. Head turning to drag his cheek against the smooth cool line of her armor. Yes, the reapers have blown it up, yes the collectors probably dragged off the bar tender that stuck umbrellas in the side of their glass. No, no they're not getting off earth ever again.

He lent his weight comfortable against the table, balancing their weight against it's edge. Despite it all, he snorts brief in laughter at her response, puff of breath that fogs on her armor.

So because nothing else matters more than this - "I'm getting us two tickets." Really, this time. Flicks his tongue against the flat line of his mouth, suddenly dry. Ah, hell. "Saved up for it. The one with the better view." His hand settles flat to her back, bracing on the cool armor and - maybe skin would be better. Lowers his eyes, shakes his head, absent thought that pulls up another laugh.

It's a tomorrow. What a terrible, awful, painful thing.