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& open gen post iii.

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[ Ah hell, and he hadn't even gotten three drinks in.

He'd agree with her too, in that way he knew before he even arrived on this shit hole of a planet, that the universe was too fucked to give more than five minutes to themselves. Owed something, he doesn't remember when he wasn't. This is all some proof of the proverbial truth of existence. Somewhere between anything that can go wrong will go wrong and bad things happen to bad people.

And it's not the first time he's been dragged through one of her phasewalks. Fought next to her how long now? Then there had been sanctuary. Just, all of the sanctuary. Which is another thing, it doesn't exactly get better with time. His mouth tastes like eridium and stomach bile, his eyes are burning even behind his goggles and his stomach is somewhere up the back of his throat.

Or maybe that's the god awful taste of rakk-ale. Who knows but he has to shake his head to be free of that left over purple tinged nausea of things human bodies weren't meant to do. Flicks his tongue over the flat line of his mouth. Hand steadying on the wall.

He really, really could use that fourth drink right about now. But he'd settle for gripping her hand back where it held him because when she goes and -- does that, she becomes the only solid thing worth trusting. The pair of them blood splattered and riddled with half healed bullet wounds, courtesy of the blood thristy mc blood clan of some hovel he had forgotten ever going into let alone leaving so many people hating them yet again.

That's a lesson in and of itself. The blood lathered on hands means his fingers slip easy on her wrist where the callous and worn rough and then smooth again by sand skin, is almost gentle as he takes a deep breath.

Shit, Lil. Give a guy some warning, would ya? [ And the breath is let go. ] Damn I don't think that was even a day, that a new record or something?
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[ She's used to it, too used to it, forgets that others aren't that they don't feel the same sort of release she does - the rush, like liquid lightning coursing through her veins. A freedom that only she sees, that only she can grasp. So she doesn't think, acts before she remembers.

His grips tightens, curls, slick with blood both his and not and she pants out an uneasy laugh. Knows how this goes by now so she's shifting closer, taking hold of his arm with her other hand as the brilliant orange glow fades from her skin, her tattoos, her eyes. ]

Sorry about that. [ Doesn't need to apologize but she does anyway. Apologizes for the fact she isn't as sorry as she should be, that she's quick to miss the way the world looks when she phasewalks. How exhilarating it feels, leaving her heart thundering inside her chest. ] Sure is. The fastest time for a vacation to turn to shit. I barely got my tan on.

[ Sudden inhale, the smell of cooper and eridium sharp in her nose. Aren't they a mess? Bloodied, pale (well paler in Lilith's case), clinging onto one another in a way far too familiar to them both. She doesn't realize it at first that her grip on him turns tight after a moment. Adrenaline leaving behind the empty feeling of exhaustion and the even more familiar itch for eridium. The trip took more out of her than she realized. ]

Come on killer, lets get your ass down.
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[ Even when wounded, there's a clarity to it. To being in pain, to knowing what to do with it. Pain is what to them, now? Nothing, less than anything. Sure it's agony, it's that festering feeling where there is acid burning in bullet wounds, but it's manageable.

Just like there is familiarity to falling all over each other, into each other. His hand around her wrist, her fingers digging into his shirt. He sucks in a breath and a million years ago this might have been a bit much, but he'd been looking forward to his break, because maybe he's tired. Maybe he's exhausted from the neck down, but maybe that's less than nothing too at this point. So much so, that this can be nothing too, when he doesn't let her go. He shifts into the wall he is leaning on, drives hard on the line of his shoulders, supporting his weight, and as the other arm comes around her to draw her in, hers too.

Standing, as far as he's concerned right now, is overrated.

So it's a spider walk of fingers along the line of her waist before he takes a fistful of rough material. Anchor point to him, support to her in a push and pull perfected between them all sometime after they found TK Baha's swinging corpse and a big ancient tentacle bastard. Shaky, shaky breath and painful every bit of the way down as he slides the length of the cave wall. Landing heavily, and drawing her in against him. It twists whatever it had been ripped apart, grunting rough and tilting his head back into the wall as his mouth grimaces an ugly twisting line.

Got a med-hypo? [ he doesn't ask about the crash off the eridium, any more than she asks about how his hands shake when he's sober. Those things aren't important as long as they're surviving. ]
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Easy now.

[ Maybe they both are, tried worn bones hollow with an exhaustion that never fully leaves once it has settled itself in so deep. It's familiar like the pain, something that holds no meaning to them now. They barely bat an eyelid at it, keep going despite it all. What choice do they have? Pandora is a beast that will swallow you up and they are not the sort to become food.

His arm drawing her in closer is the same, familiar and nothing, barely registers a response. A exhale, a sigh, smaller body shifting without resistance to lean her weight against him. They've spent too much time together; bled together, fallen together (in more ways than one), licked each others wounds. It's nothing, it can be nothing, especially as it is everything. The lower he goes the tighter she clings, shifting alongside him in an attempt to make it a little painless. Pointless, really, but she tries. They're a collection of bullet holes, breaks, and bruises, colored further by their collective vices.

Heavy landing as her gritting her teeth, a sharp painful sound ripped from her stomach. Fingers curled and head rested in the crook of his neck she inhales shallow breaths, burning from wounds crawling across her skin. ]

I wish. [ Inhale, exhale. She curls against him subconsciously, this solid and warm thing, burying her face deep. Maybe she'll take a nap right here. ] Used my last when that asshole came at us with the slag grenade.
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[ The most he can give her is a solid grunt into her shoulder as she leans into him. Mercifully on the injured side, yeah yeah, he'll take it easy. For the moment, in this small cave is allowing them to do. Lets her talk in pleasant white noise above his head.

His hand is holding the gouging wound together carefully. there's blood leaking between his fingers and its when his lips have that stretched thin feeling her realises that alright, he needs to do something about it. He doesn't so much pull back, just turns it instead against her shoulder. Faces out and digs around to find the words.

Lily... [ No, it's not the worse, but blood loss never got exactly better with time, did it? ] Unwrap my scarf? [ He can't move his hand off the wound, not right now at least. Without the hypo, they were going to have to kick this old school. Make shift bandages. ]
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[ Groans fist, resistance to the thought of moving knowing full we there is no other choice. She's as comfortable as she can be here and moving just... she really doesn't want to move. But no hypos, no healing, can't just remain as is or be running the risk of bleeding out. Lilith shifts slightly, reaching around to use the rock wall behind him as a prop. Burning, burning, burning, there's fire in her veins and it feels like her bones are cracking with every inch.

Focus, Lil, focus. ]

Scarf, right. [ Is it a good or bad thing that's she has become so familiar with the way he wraps his scarf around his head? Finger hooking exactly where they need to it start unraveling it. ] I'll buy you a new one. [ Or steal one. It's not like they have many scarf vendors out in the ass of Pandora. ]

How bad is it?
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[ He moves only as much as he needs to, to give her the space to get it undone, his head tipping forward and shifting his upper body the little bit so it'll budge where it's wrapped. Another grunt of pain, as his fingers slip on the wound. ]

Aw hell, it's been covered in worse. [ Once she gets it free he leans back again, a thin sheen of sweat on his body, panting for the effort. Never mind, might be worse than he thought. ] Through and through. Nothing vital.

[ After so long, he's gotten used to the feeling of when a bullet pierces organs to when it's just torn about flash. ] Lucky, think it was fire. Cleaned it on the way in. [ which is another small mercy in of itself. ]
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[ She knows what to do, or at least what she thinks she's supposed to do, trembling fingers ripping fabric into thinner strips. Scarf long enough that it makes for a decent length makeshift bandage. Enough for now, until they can stumble their way towards the nearest med-hypo and jab it deep. ]

I'd offer to burn the wound closed but... [ Too risky, especially running empty. Then there is the chance she might do more than burn the wound closed, can't risk that, won't risk that. Idiot means too much to lose. Besides it would take too much concentration, of which she has none at the moment.

Frankly she's surprised she can manage to take his bloody hand and press her makeshift bandage against the would, tugging him off the wall to lean against her chest in a haphazard attempt to wrap it tight. Stop the bleeding, that's the first stop, stop the bleeding. ]

Alright, it should hold long enough to scrounge up a hypo or two. You think you're gonna hang there, tiger?
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[ His hands have that shiver shake - the one that comes from bleeding out, but he knows better from needing a bottle. That wearing out feeling that makes each breath painful, his head swimming. His pride doesn't much like how easy he moves in her hands, like a children's toy - but it's apt. Coughs weak as she tips him forward, taste's blood in his mouth that heavies up from his lung.

Grunts into her shoulder in response to the pain of the wound being braced. Maybe it's exactly what he thinks of the idea of having his wound closed. He trusted her, sure, but he knew sometimes he knew her powers weren't exactly in her control.

Think I can manage that. [ He settles back, and his hands drop from her, for all he's still tucked into her side. ] You?