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& open gen post iii.

↠ lyrics, images, prompts, take your pick

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[ She pours it all into him, all her longing, all her tenderness that ached, like a locked up bird song, a lark bursting to get out. Comes rushing up to her mouth, out of her lips, into his. Her fingers find his hair, cupping the back of his neck in the splayed set of her fingers on his skin. Slipping below the edge of his high collar. ]

See, [ it's a second, where she has to take her breath, has to suck in low because her lungs are burning and her eyes are burning and her skin is burning - ] I told you, you're cruel to me, assassin.

[ Sharp little inhale-exhale, swallowing to try and wet the creak in her voice smooth again. ]
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[ And he takes every inch of it, accepts her longing and tenderness, drinks deep until his lungs burn with the need to breathe. For a moment he wants nothing more than the thrust his blade into her husband's heart, for a moment he wants nothing more than to thrust his blade into her father's heart. Free her from the shackles that chain her to this place, to this life that sees her caged and alone.

Her fingers are gentle in his hair, against his skin, yet her very touch scorches him. An exquisite sort of pain that he can barely describe. ]

As you are to me, miss. [ There are so many ways to stop this, all she would have to do is act. ]
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[ She withdraws so very carefully, her fingers slipping down his chest, and that last step is hard to withdraw in the last instance. Pressed flat over his beating heart that if she slows herself, she could match breathing too. Her lips part where they feel full, all blood rushed to the surface. Eyes lowering. Hurting each other, as is fair, she'd never hurt anyone so directly before - and there's a rush in that too. ]

We should...

[ Stop, probably, but she doesn't want to, she never wants to again. Even as she knows he'll leave, she wants him to stay. Her fingers curl up a little. ] ... let this be. [ Let go, says it again, like this time if she wills it, so it will be. Just let go. ]